Create A Student Internship Program

Student Internships for the Landscape Industry

An internship program is an investment that can yield rich rewards and serve as a valuable recruiting tool for landscape companies. Creating an internship program allows an employer to help young professionals develop important skills, while also promoting long-term career growth in the landscaping industry. Before hiring an intern at your company, take a look at these frequently asked questions and download NALP’s complete guide to Student Internships for the Landscape Industry.

What can the company expect to gain from an internship venture?

  • Long-term potential for loyal, reliable employees
  • Investment in the industry by contributing to the education of new talent
  • Employees with increased communication and coaching skills
  • A positive internship experience means the student returns to his/her school as your best recruiter

What are the benefits to students?

  • Explore areas of interest prior to graduation
  • Gain skills and knowledge that are not available in the classroom setting
  • Learn proper techniques in a safety-minded, friendly environment
  • Earn income to help with tuition and other college expenses
  • Have the competitive edge when seeking employment in the industry
  • Develop leadership and resource management skills

What are the requirements of taking on an intern?

  • Commit to the amount of time and money the program will take. Interns are high maintenance and need a coach/mentor
  • Be willing to deal with questions about why things are done “that way”
  • Match a mentor’s skill set and area of strength to the intern’s
  • Follow through. Hold regular, frequent meetings with the intern to assess the relationship

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