Lawn Care Resources

Commercial use of pesticides and fertilizers to care for lawns, landscapes and trees requires strict compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Below are some resources pertaining to applicable state laws and regulations for pesticide and fertilizer use by professional applicators, information on certification and training requirements for professional applicators for their specific area of use and information on how to contact your regulators with questions or concerns.

Pesticide Regulations

Fertilizer Regulations

Certification Information

Contact Your Pesticide Regulators

Contact Your Fertilizer Regulators

Fertilizer Application Compliance

Labor/Employment References

Recruiting, protecting, maintaining and growing the workforce is of paramount importance to the Landscape industry. There are a myriad of state specific laws and regulations concerning labor and safety issues; along with many opportunities to engage local and state officials to ensure compliance and tap into resources to assist you in growing the workforce. Below is some information on key state specific labor laws and regulations along with recruitment opportunities and state agency contacts.

State Labor Laws

Minimum Wage

OSHA State Contacts

Job Boards/Employment Tools