NALP provides print and digital opportunities to reach our influential contractor audience. Reach key decision makers, build your brand awareness and stay top-of-mind with your current customers by crafting an advertising package that’s right for you.

Advertising Options


The Edge bimonthly magazine accepts advertising along with our unique branded partner opportunities including “The Innovators” and “How I Do It” series. Your ad will also appear in the digital version of the magazine.


Multiple e-newsletter advertising opportunities including our flagship weekly e-newsletter, The Edge, along with our monthly Leveling Up e-newsletter. Niche products include The Advocate and The Edge on Technology. Watch this space as additional e-newsletters are launched!

Sponsored Content
Have a story to tell or a successful case study to share? Use a sponsored content opportunity to share your client success stories. Sponsored content articles are posted to the NALP blog and are advertised through the e-newsletter of your choice. Our Sponsored Content Plus features a social media push for your article.

Build your brand and reach both members and non-NALP members with a run of ads on the NALP network.

The NALP Retargeting program guarantees a specific number of impressions to a qualified audience for your campaign. Your ads can appear in up to 90-95% of the web universe through our retargeting program.

Our partner email program allows you to reach NALP contractor members with your specific deals and offers. This popular option is extremely limited and sells out quickly.

Rules and Guidelines