National Association of Landscape Professionals Foundation

For more than two decades, the NALP Foundation (a 501c3 organization) has been focused on supporting the education of future landscape industry professionals. 

The Foundation is currently undertaking new research projects, including an industry-wide diversity and inclusion study and research that measures the benefits of healthy landscapes. In addition, the Board is developing a new program that includes scholarships and competitive events to support industry growth at the high school level through career awareness and education.

Diversity and Inclusion Study

Through a collaboration with university partnerships, a diversity climate study that will provide an in-depth insight into employee workforce experiences, build a more inclusive workplace as well as suggest opportunities for improvement. 

The study will gather data about the landscape industry workforce and compare that data with national data bases.

  • demographics (age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc.)
  • underrepresented employees
  • underrepresented needs/wants/culture
  • industry barriers for employment
  • how to retain and attract underrepresented employees

Benefits and Measurement of Healthy Landscapes Research Project

The Healthy Landscapes Research Project is designed to identify the elements of properly constructed and well-managed landscapes that contribute essential social, economic, and environmental value to create healthy, sustainable environments.

  • build scale around measuring the value of landscapes
  • develop programming 
  • promote the benefits of properly designed, constructed, and managed landscapes – supported by economic, environmental, and social value
  • advance and apply an ecosystem service and natural capital framework to measure the understandable and relatable value of managed and working lands
  • Develop education, training, and certification programs around the contractor, practices

High School Program

Enlighten the next generation by encouraging students looking for rewarding career paths and who want to learn more about our industry. The Foundation will partner with public schools, technical schools, student counselors, teachers, landscape contractors, manufacturers, state associations, education boards, etc., to inspire and educate the next generation of landscape professionals. The project includes:

  • competitive events (at the local, state, and national level)
  • skills training centers
  • education and messaging for students and guidance counselors
  • scholarships


Through generous support from donors, the Foundation has awarded more than $1.4 million in academic scholarships to students in college-level landscape and horticulture programs. For more information about applying for a scholarship or becoming a scholarship ambassador, please email