Wednesday, November 18

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM l Keynote (1 CEU)

How Innovation Fuels Results
Josh, a five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, New York Times best-selling author, venture capitalist and innovation expert, will kick off the workshop with a dynamic presentation on “How Innovation Fuels Results.”  Throughout the years, Josh has coined the phrase “everyday innovation,” whereby the principles of innovation can be applied to the daily work of all people inside an organization. The mindset and problem-solving approaches of history-making innovators can be harnessed to boost results in marketing, human resources, operations, procurement, project management, sales, finance, and all other functional areas. When organizations unlock the creative capacity of all team members, they liberate progress and seize competitive advantage.
Speaker: Josh Linkner

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM l People & Sales (1 CEU)

How People Management Software Helps Teams Maintain a Strong Culture
Find out how people management software can help you stay aligned and connected with your teams, even in challenging times. Through structured check-ins, weekly one-on-one conversations and individual goal tracking, you’ll discover how a simple program can help promote transparency, facilitate open communication and keep your teams working in concert across all levels of the organization.
Speaker: Pam Dooley, Plants Creative

Use 3D Drone Technology and Virtual Reality to Jumpstart Your Landscape Designs
Drone technology is gaining momentum in the green industry and opening up innovative ways to capture existing site conditions. Learn about what considerations you should take into account before launching into commercial drone use in your business, and what drone technology tools may be helpful additions to your design toolkit.  By using photogrammetry, combined with 3D modeling and virtual reality, you can reach new heights in your landscape design plans!
Speaker: Graham Pellettieri, Pellettieri Associates, Inc.

Leveraging the USPS Informed Delivery Program
Discover how the USPS Informed Delivery Program provides an unprecedented opportunity to engage prospective customers by synchronizing direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. Learn more about why you should be supplementing your direct mail campaigns with this free added benefit, and get a first-hand account of the impact this program has had on Senske Services.
Speaker: Becca Presley, Senske Lawn & Tree Care, Inc.

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM l Productivity (1 CEU)

A Lighting Round of six Industry Experts Sharing Their Favorite Productivity Apps.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM l Sustainability (1 CEU)

Smart Irrigation: A Proactive Approach
Learn how smart irrigation platforms can help you respond proactively to system issues, offer higher service value, establish recurring revenue streams, and provide cross-service support.
Speaker: Bill Cohn, Massey Services, Inc.

Your Building, Your Business: How Your Facility Reflects Your Values
Join Jeff Sebert of Chicago-based Sebert Landscape to hear why he invested in building a 30,000 square-foot LEED certified corporate office and fleet management center. The facility boasts a green roof, solar panels and eco-friendly landscaping with native plants, among many other environmentally responsible features. Learn how this remarkable investment helped build the Sebert brand, attract and retain talented people, show good stewardship and grow the company.
Speaker: Jeff Sebert, Sebert Landscape

A Better Way
In today’s typical landscape, we have a lot of waste and negative impacts to our environment happening. Learn how Zech Strauser is building a culture at his commercial-based landscape company to work towards being a part of the needed change. 
Speaker: Zech Strauser, Strauser Natures Helpers 

4:15 PM – 5:15 PM I Equipment (1 CEU)

Finding a Better Way: The Path to Robotic Mowing
Hear how one company is challenging the traditional lawn mowing model and differentiating itself in the local market by offering robotic mowing to residential clientele. Matt Gramer of NatureWorks Landscape Services will walk you through his company’s efforts to adopt robotic mowing, and explain how he has transitioned more than 20% of his clients to some level of autonomous mowing.
Speaker: Matt Gramer, NatureWorks Landscapes Services, Inc.

Creating a Positive Impact with Battery-Powered Equipment
Join Matt Dreiling of New Orleans-based landscape company Mullin as he shares his motivation and strategy for transitioning to battery-powered equipment. Hear how the organization improved sustainability while enhancing his team’s work environment and retaining profitability.
Speaker: Matthew Dreiling, Mullin

5:15 PM – 5:45 PM l Closing Conversation and Virtual Happy Hour

All Sessions have LIVE Q&A.