Education Tracks

New ideas and thought provoking sessions.

Business Excellence 

The Business Excellence track provides a roadmap for landscape and lawn care companies to grow more profitable businesses through better sales, marketing, financial and tax management practices. Real-world examples will help you develop better strategies for company growth or the adoption of different business lines. Measurement is critical to business success including choosing the right KPIs, calculating ROI, and understanding the health of your company. Thinking about the future, including exit strategies and succession planning are part of the business-focused line-up.

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Customer Experience 

The Customer Experience track offers a 360-degree look at everything that goes into building strong customer relationships, from proactive communications strategies to diffusing demanding clients, delivering high-end customer service, and managing client expectations. Learn effective landscape maintenance, design-build, and lawn care sales and marketing strategies, as well as new ways to use technology to nurture client relationships. How your team communicates your brand and interacts with clients on-site are also critical aspects of the client experience that we’ll dive into with case studies and success stories.

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Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence track shares case studies that help landscape and lawn care companies improve equipment and personnel safety at all levels, ensure accurate reporting, handle workers’ compensation claims, and understand how regulations impact operations. Improving workflows, estimating and bidding, purchasing, scheduling, and fleet management are all critical parts of operational excellence. Education sessions will share insights into the future including new technologies, dealing with supply chain issues, and learning how to adapt to changing economic forces.

The Operational Excellence Track is sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts.

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The Sustainability Track shares case studies and research around sustainable industry practices and design, climate impacts, and the use of technology like battery-powered, robotic, and automated equipment. Landscape and lawn care professionals create and maintain our nation’s green spaces. Whether it’s public messaging, company culture, marketing sustainability, or providing reporting to commercial clients to boost their CSR, we’ll share ways to promote and execute on environmentally friendly landscape and lawn care practices, expand client services offered and help attract the next generation of employees who care about the environment.

The Sustainability Track is sponsored by STIHL.

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Team Member Experience

The Team Experience track offers solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by landscape and lawn care contractors – recruiting, retaining, managing, and engaging employees. You’ll learn successful strategies to find and onboard new team members and hear case studies on company culture and employee development programs that lead to high rates of retention and employee happiness. Education sessions will delve into human resources, legal, training, and team management approaches that you can implement at your company, leading to more motivated employees and a better bottom line.

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