Coronavirus Advocacy

Government Relations

The NALP government relations team and legal and HR advisors are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that more favorable rules and regulations are enacted to support landscape and lawn care businesses. For the latest news and analysis of all the issues, subscribe to the members-only weekly Advocate Newsletter, email to be added to the list. Also, subscribe to the Landscape Industry Podcast for updates. 

Essential Services
Our team advocating with federal, state, and local officials that landscape services are seen as essential to ensure your ability to continue servicing customers during these difficult times. Click here to view a letter that is being disseminated to officials and can be kept for your reference if you are operating in an area under a lockdown. We provide the latest updates on the status of landscape operations in each state on our webpage. And, we've outlined how the industry is responding to COVID-19

Stimulus and Relief Packages
We are working with Congress to ensure thoughtful stimulus packages are swiftly approved that provide aid to those most impacted by the coronavirus, but that doesn’t bankrupt businesses in the process. Click here to see a letter sent to Senate Leadership recently.

We are fighting to keep the H-2B program functioning during this difficult time and working with DHS, DOL, and the State Department to get current and accurate information to you. Click here for the most recent updates.