NALP Sales Bootcamp with Marty Grunder


Date and Location: March 27, 2018 in Dallas, TX
Date and Location: March 29, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA

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Program Overview

How has Marty’s team grown to be one of the Midwest’s most successful landscaping companies? By being flat-out one of the best selling teams in the business.

Attendees learned Marty's selling secrets with the “11 STEP BULLET PROOF, KICK BUTT SELLING PROCESS.” Marty not only teaches this process, he lives it. Marty, his team and countless landscapers around the U.S. and Canada use the 11 Steps to win big time.

Effective selling requires two critical elements: a great industry SALES PROFESSIONAL and a great SELLING ORGANIZATION. This packed day-long course provides:

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact Laurie Lankford.

What You Missed

  • Real world presentation skills for the sales professional and includes the tips and tricks to effective cold calling, warm calling, selling scripts, follow-up and much more
  • Sales management lessons that reveal what works and what doesn’t
  • Proven principles for leading and managing a sales team
  • A system to hold you and your team accountable and get the results you need