Legislative Days on the Hill

Join us at Legislative Days 2018 and you will:

  • Learn more about the industry's key issues that affect your bottom line.
  • Team up with other industry professionals on the Hill to speak with your legislators.
  • Become a more effective advocate on both the national and local stages.

New in 2018

Monday afternoon panel discussions on key issues including:

  • The Farm Bill
  • H-2B
  • EPA regulation
  • E-Verify and immigration reform
  • Social media and advocacy
Panel Discussions

Your Voice is Critical!

Although NALP works year-round with members of congress and the administration representing your professional interests, in today’s political world that is simply not enough. Your voice carries the most weight with politicians. Your connection to a member of congress’ district, and knowledge of how issues directly impact the “folks back home” are the most powerful advocacy tools available.

Grassroots efforts in local jurisdictions to protect the growth and economic health of our industry are critical to our future. Hone your advocacy skills at the highest level, in the halls of Congress, and then put lessons learned to work at home for your business and for the collective good for our industry.

We’ll Schedule Your Hill Visits For You

Coming to Legislative Days on the Hill? Please register as soon as possible so we know to expect you and can plan for your participation! NALP, through its partner, Prime Advocacy, is arranging House and Senate meetings for all registrants. Our policy team partners will contact your Congressional offices and schedule you with your Members of Congress or their key staffers so you can represent your business and the industry. We will let you know when meetings are confirmed. It’s that simple. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Bob Mann.

Never Been to the Hill? See How Easy It Is.

Help Remove Industry Roadblocks

Without a strong and unified voice, we are at a disadvantage when policy discussions occur. Our collective voice is instrumental in helping to ensure that we benefit rather than suffer when policy changes happen. Member participation in Legislative Days on the Hill helps us maximize the influence and advocacy impact of landscape professionals.

Every day your representatives in Washington DC are making decisions that could impact your lives and livelihood. To make sure our positions are known and our voice is heard, landscape professionals must send a clear and consistent message to Congress. Our annual visit to the Hill is one of the best ways to do so. Join us in July!