Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager

Why Certify?

Certification allows you to possess comprehensive knowledge of the warm and cool season Turfgrass establishment, growth, maintenance, troubleshooting and customer relations.

About the Exam

The Lawn Care Manager is administered by the University of Georgia.

You will learn:

  • Management of turfgrass through heat, cold, and drought stress; Maintenance of turf under shade
  • Improvement of turfgrass wear tolerance; Treatment of gasoline and oil spills on turf
  • Facts about liquid versus granular fertilizer; Truth about growth enhancers
  • Use of water-absorbent polymers for improving soil/water relationships; Cause and control of thatch
  • Importance of proper customer communication

Who should Attend

The course is designed for all industry professionals, including those affiliated with

  • Lawn care companies; Golf courses
  • Public parks and recreation areas; School grounds
  • Sod production; Landscape management firms
  • Cemeteries; Athletic fields
  • Pest control companies; Other public and private turf facilities

Yes, I Want To Get Certified