Join us on July 21, 2015, as we take on Capitol Hill in our annual Legislative Day on the Hill. If you can’t be with us in Washington, D.C., make your voice heard via social media. We invite everyone to tweet, blog, create videos, post photos to Instagram, or post to Facebook using the hashtag #landscapeadvocacy.

Let’s talk about the issues that are important to our industry and to our companies. Let’s let our legislators know that we are a $75 billion dollar industry that employs nearly 1 million people with an economic impact that is far greater. We are a jobs creating, entrepreneurial, made-in-America industry that enhances and enriches lives every day.

We will be talking about a number of issues this year, the top two issues being:

  • H-2B
  • “Waters of the United States” proposed rule by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Support the cause by:

  1. Sending an email to your legislator. Use the National Association of Landscape Professionals’s legislative center to easily send an email to your congressman or senator.
  2. Tweeting with us. Either tweet your legislators directly using the National Association of Landscape Professionals’s legislative center to look-up their twitter handle and other contact information, or tweet about the issues to your own audience.  Here are some sample tweets:
    • We are on Capitol Hill today supporting our $75 billion industry. #landscapeadvocacy
    • The landscape industry supports nearly 1 million jobs American a year. #landscapeadvocacy
    • Meeting with legislators today to discuss over-regulation of our industry that supports nearly 1 million jobs a year. #landscapeadvocacy
    • We want our legislators to know the landscape industry improves lives and supports nearly 1 million jobs a year. #landscapeadvocacy
    • Pass HR 5078/S 2496 to stop WOTUS rule! #landscapeadvocacy 
    • Could I really need a Clean Water Act permit to plant a tree? Stop the WOTUS rule. #landscapeadvocacy
    • Tell legislators today that the landscape industry needs H-2B. #landscapeadvocacy #saveh2b
    • Congress must act now to ensure the landscape industry continues to have access to legal seasonal H-2B workers.#landscapeadvocacy
    • Save the H-2B program. H-2B workers create and preserve American jobs. #landscapeadvocacy #saveh2b
    • Stop the Department of Labor from killing the H-2B program with burdensome regulations.#landscapeadvocacy
  3. Tagging photos and posts with #landscapeadvocacy.

For more information about Legislative Day on the Hill, contact Tom Delaney at 770-925-7113, or